A well deserved key to Long Street …

It is with great sadness that we have learnt of Monique Duval’s decision to move on from her role at the CapeTowner newspaper.

The birth of the LSRA serendipitously coincided with the start of her career at the newspaper, and we are without a doubt more representative of the Long Street community due to her courage, journalist integrity, and persevering energy.

The residents, hoteliers, and religious leaders at the LSRA sincerely wish you well in your adventures, and we present you with this “Key to Long Street” for all the you have done.

Use it wisely and sparingly, as it can:

  • Open those hidden fridges and access Bob’s beer.
  • Unlock a funky musical without Lola’s knowledge.
  • Safely unlock the heart of Denzel Washington.
  • Gain access to a Maremoto hidden garden.
  • Jump the queue when caught in da Loop.
  • Remain Marvel’ous until the early hours.

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