Councillors reject City Health departments report …

From the CapeTowner, by Monique Duval, 29th March 2012

Inconsiderate clubs who continue to trade despite noise complaints will not be tolerated, said Good Hope Sub-council chairman, Taki Amira at the meeting on Monday March 19. Mr Amira said the sub-council was concerned about the number of noise complaints and would be taking a firm stance. “The City promotes mixed use developments and we encourage people to rent and buy property in the city, but residents are constantly faced with inconsiderate clubs who continue to violate their rights,” he said.

In March last year, Mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith broke the news that an amendment to the Public Places and the Prevention of Noise Nuisance By-law, would see the sound equipment of noisy clubs impounded if they don’t heed warnings to turn down the volume. The amendment was lauded by residents who said they hoped it would help to deal with noise pollution in the city centre. Using this amendment, Mr Amira said clubs which continued to cause a nuisance would be issued with warnings. “We will be issuing final warnings and if we receive any noise complaints, we will ensure that club’s sound equipment is impounded. Following this we also received many requests from clubs asking what they need to do to comply. This sub-council is not against clubs but we want businesses to trade responsibly and we hope this warning is taken seriously,” he said.

The Long Street Residents’ Association (LSRA) has welcomed Mr Amira’s statement. LSRA convenor Byron Qually said it was clear that fines for noise transgressions have not worked in the past. “The costs incurred are just incorporated into a club’s operating budget. “Although this updated by-law will directly help residents resolve noise pollution, it places the onus on nightclubs to mange their sound equipment and DJs, and ultimately listen to the community that surrounds them,” he said. In a separate report submitted to the sub-council by the City’s health department about noise complaints in the area covered by the sub-council which includes the entire City Bowl, the Atlantic Seaboard and Hout Bay, 23 warnings were issued for noise contraventions and two fines issued between December 2011 and February 2012. But councillors rejected the report and said they they wanted to know how many complaints were made during the same period and how many.

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