How should Long Street be pedestrianised?

The question on how Long Street should be pedestrianised has again been raised. Whereas before it came from the private sector, this time it appears to be local government who is exploring the idea. If you would like to be part of the conversation and have your thoughts included in the People’s Post Newspaper, please provide feedback on the questions below to Nicole McCain of the People’s Post (Journalist) on 021 910 6500 / 084 738 9977 and

Note that all responses should be provided by 15:00 on Thursday 22 August to accommodate deadlines.

1. Are you in favour of the pedestrianisation of Long Street, and why?
2. What challenges do you currently experience as a resident of Long Street?
3. What concerns does the possible pedestrianisation of Long Street raise for you?
4. What form would you like to see the pedestrianisation take?
5. Do you feel you have been engaged in public discussions on the pedestrianisation?

5 thoughts on “How should Long Street be pedestrianised?

  1. Charmaine

    1. Yes definitely; it will enhance visitors’ experience of Cape Town city center, and improve the aesthetic look and feel of the City bowl, as well as of all the Buildings and shops in Long Street
    2. Traffic, finding parking in Long Street, as well as general uncleanliness of the street and area , it is a nightmare at night with cars driving / parking in among the people/pedestrians who are trying to walk around
    3. None really, except only wrt parking for offices
    4. It should be aesthetically pleasing, with possibly red face brick paving throughout, lots of greenery / trees and lighting , similar to St George’s Mall’s look and feel
    5. Yes. Thank you.

  2. Barry

    1. I think this will add immensely to the experience in Long Street, and am strongly in favour of it. It will enable pedestrians to cross safely and easily from one side to the other, and thereby allowing people to flow from and support shops on both sides of the street. It will create an extremely festive atmosphere along the pedestrian route. Policing and cleaning of this area will be also be easier.
    2. Traffic congestion, crime and lack of cleanliness are the main challenges.
    3. We are strongly in favour so there are no major concerns. If only upper Long Street is Pedestrianized, the appropriate signage directing traffic would be important.
    4. I think that upper Long Street (above Pepper Street) should be pedestrianized. It could also maybe only be pedestrianized for the weekend.
    5. Yes. It is important for everybody’s opinion and suggestions to be heard, so that the best decision is ultimately made.

  3. Roxaan

    1. Yes, I feel that it would be a positive move towards assisting businesses trading on Long Street
    2. Traffic congestion is a constant problem and the unofficial car guards harassing people from 17h00 onwards is always an unpleasant experience.
    3. None really, I can only really think of the positive effect it would have.
    4. I would like it to be done in a way that considers all visitors to the CBD e.g. the Myciti Bus route can be adjusted slightly to make it easier for people to access Long Street when parking somewhere else in the CBD
    5. Yes, I do.

  4. Thomas Scalway

    Long Street is one of South Africa’s most famous streets. As a UK citizen, I considered it to be the heart of Cape Town when I first arrived. Six years later, and now a resident, I have an office on Long St. I live just off the Street also, on Greenmarket Square. The energy, the buzz, the mixed-up cosmopolitan nature of Long St is an everyday treat. Yet somehow the city is yet to invest in this space, and still vehicles race up and down, making crossing the road sometimes a risky business and destroying the overall vibe. You cant park in Long St most of the time, so not much business will be lost. Making this street for walkers, cyclists and non-motorised transport only would be one more step towards securing Cape Town’s place as one of the best places to live on the planet.

    Tom Scalway


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