Liquor license applications for public comment

1. Extended liquor trading hours from 02:00 – 04:00am

a) Stones Long Street
b) Baghdad Cafe 190 Long Street
c) Seasons Music Boutique 22 Bree Street

2. Liquor licence applications from 11:00 – 02:00am

a) La Cremerie The French Market
b) Young Blood 70-72 Bree Street
c) Scar 22 Kloof Street
d) Lido Night Club 13 Prestwich Street Cape
e) Cubana Green Point
f) Plaza Espana 71-75 Kloof Road
h) Crovettos 72 Wales Street
i) Best African Food Restaurant in Town 68 Plein Street
j) Matsuri 32 Prestwich Street

Criteria for NOT granting licence:

a) public interest
b) applicant is of good character, and not disqualified from holding a licence under section 35
c) premises are suitable for use and purpose
d) residents of residential area
e) educational institution under the age of 18yrs
f) patients of drug or alcohol related treatment centre
g) religious institution

If you have any questions or objections, please email the LSRA on by the 23rd/24th January 2014

One thought on “Liquor license applications for public comment

  1. Kevin

    The hours should not be extended as we have already to many issues with the Clubs selling alcohol until 02:00. Crime is Long Street is out of control.


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