STEP 1: Submit a C3 notification by clicking HERE

See under group: Law enforcement
Then under service: Noise nuisance

STEP 2: Short term solutions:

Call the CCID shift manager on: (082) 601 4602
Call the SAPS Ops room on: (021) 467 8006
Call the 24/7 Metro Police control room: (021) 596 1999 (Insist on obtaining a reference number)

STEP 3: Understand legal requirements:

To obtain a basic overview of what is considered a noise nuisance, who is responsible for ensuring that these requirements are met, if bars which don’t have DJs or live bands playing have to soundproof their premises, what is a noise exemption permit and what does it allow, what criteria needs to be met before a noise exemption permit can be issued, what is the maximum time limit for a noise exemption permit, who is responsible for responding to a noise complaint and other issues, please click HERE

To understand what night-clubs are required to comply with before trading redo on. All night-clubs that intend to play loud music are required to apply for a Health and Entertainment Licence, and are required to provide a Noise Impact Assessment from a registered acoustic engineer before a license can be granted. Click HERE for more information on the steps they are required to carry out.

By-laws below have been developed by The City of Cape Town which unlike national laws, they focus on local environments, and intend to cater unique patterns and growth trajectories that are being experienced. Click HERE to download the CoCT’s by-law relating to the prevention of noise nuisance, and click HERE to read how this by-law has been practically implemented by the CoCT.

STEP 4: Contact the authorities:

Bettie Leedo the CoCT’s Environmental Health Manager on and 072 658 3865.