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Long Street side lane closures / privatisation

A local newspaper is doing an article on side lane closures in Long Street. If this is of interest to you, and if you have thoughts or ideas on these developments, please can you provide feedback to the questions below:

  1. Who is the person(s) responsible for the closures of lanes in Long Street?
  2. How do you feel about these closure?
  3. What would you like to see happening with regards to potentially closing Vredenburg Lane
  4. How have you engaged with other relevant stakeholders (eg the City, SAPS, CCID, etc) around this matter?
  5. If you have, what has the feedback been from these bodies and has any discussion with them yielded any results (Whether positive or negative)?
  6. Do you know who was responsible for the closure of the other Long Street lanes (Orphan and the lane one adjacent to Clarke’s)?
  7. Do you have have any concerns around these closures? If so, what are there?
  8. Do these closures portend a possible trend? If so, what are the possible positives of such a trend and what are the negatives?
  9. What value does having accessible lanes add to Long Street?
  10. Any other comments you wish to make?