Talking Streets on Long Street

You are invited to join Open Streets in a public walk and discussion about how Long Street can be made safer, welcoming, inclusive, and more ‘open’ to people.


Thursday 5th September, 2013 from 13:00 to 14:00
Saturday 7th September from 18:00 to 19:30


Corner of Long St. & Orange St. (in front of the Long Street Turkish Baths). The walk will be down Long Street and carried out to observe the different conditions during the day and after dark.


Open Streets Cape Town will facilitate a conversation with residents and the public to explore challenges and opportunities to make Long Street a more diversified, safe and attractive destination so that any changes on the street respond to needs and objectives of residents and other relevant businesses. This will be the beginning of a series of walks that will help identify specific design components, planning parameters and avenues for community participation for short and long term changes.

Councillor Dave Bryant will be present to hear and respond to raised concerns. The format will be an open discussion where you will have an opportunity to contribute your ideas, questions and concerns. Suggestions compiled during this walk will be documented and disseminated to create greater awareness of how streets can better serve residents and businesses, and to encourage the participation of all who use the streets.

There is a 25 guest limit; please register to ensure your spot on the details below.

Contact | @OpenstreetsCT | +27722146736 | Open Streets is a citizen-led initiative working to actively change the ways streets are used, perceived and experienced.

One thought on “Talking Streets on Long Street

  1. Janis Ross

    The Ross Family Trust bought the building at 230 Long Street 20 years ago to house the Overseas Visitors Club. Hylton at that time thought it would be a wonderful thing to make the road a pedestrian mall. In those days there was only Kennedys, a Russian nightspot and Serendipity a trendy restaurant run by Richard of Madame Zingara fame.

    Senator Park even called us to complain about the noise levels at our monthly party at 11pm in the evening. Nowadays Long Street has a predominant bar and nightclub culture with the noise levels and the clientèle that frequent those facilities, together with pickpockets, drug pedlars and aggressive car guards.

    If you really want to experience the behaviour and security problems in Long Street you do walkabouts between 01h00 and 05h00 particularly at weekends and between 06h00 and 09h00 in the morning. The noise levels are unacceptable and distressing for guests staying in our hotel, we generally have to clean up vomit blood broken bottles and even broken windows in the morning.

    Closing off the road will just encourage this traffic to spill out into the mall making an already potentially dangerous road into something life threatening. A haven for drug dealers and muggers.
    The situation is already dire as the CCID and SAPS don’t have the resources to control the noise, the crime or respond to the many incidents that happen nightly in Long Street.

    I also believe that many Capetonians would miss driving up Long street as for many it is their youth revisited. We, the Ross Family Trust are adamantly against this initiative.

    Janis Ross Trustee


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