Thanks to the CapeTowner on their 10th birthday milestone …

The LSRA wishes the CapeTowner a happy 10th birthday, and an expression of gratitude for their reporting on Cape Town’s CBD. In particular, we thank Monique Duval, whose investigative skills and courage under ongoing pressure has provided an authentic voice for all stakeholders in the city.

Without the CapeTowner and her reporting, the LSRA would not have grown into the association it is today, and in many respects the City of Cape Town would remain unaware of systemic issues affecting the CBD.

The globalised nature of popular media and ease at which articles can be transported around the world, has in some respects led to a loss of intimacy in city reporting. Local and free journalism is not only a luxury theses days, but it is a necessity for the authentic development of Cape Town. For without it, city inhabitants may remain at the whim of market forces.

So here’s to the next 10 years, when the CapeTowner will have overtaken the NewYorker!

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